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On behalf of all Indonesians, we wish to extend our warmest ”Selamat Datang” to all of you who are visiting our country. Tobaleuser Tours & Travel provides package tours with numerous fascinating attractions which include beautiful tropical Islands, hillside resorts, volcanic lakes, white water jungle rivers, and virgin tropical rainforests with their respective flora and fauna. Most important of all is an opportunity to meet with and learn about the local peoples, with their diversity of customs and traditions, which make up our cultural heritage and the rich cultural background of Sumatra Indonesia, offering a truly exciting and rewarding travel experience.

Through this website, we wish to provide you with an idea of the various Sumatran tour programs which we offer. These are all inclusive tour packages which are flexible and can be adjusted to cater to your particular needs and interests, so that you can reschedule stops or add extra days to your Sumatran travel experience. Most of the itineraries can be modified to suit any specific requirements that you might have.

Besides ready made package tours, we are ready to provide other services upon request. Our team, tour planners, tour operators, drivers and guides will do their utmost to provide a high standard of quality services with attractive prices.

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Tobaleuser Tours & Travel